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Service 1

The 1121 Basmati Rice we offer is cultivated in the finest farms of the country.Procured from only reliable vendors, our 1121 Basmati Rice is high in quality and renders mesmerizing aroma to the dishes..

  • Preferable for those suffering from high blood pressure
  • Free from impurities
  • Rich nutritional value


Service 2

This rice is thin and medium grain,t is widely used in making rice porridge during Festivals in India. Apart from our basmati rice, our non basmati rice is in huge demand in the market for the superior quality and taste.

  • This rice is thin and medium grain
  • It is light weight and aromatic.
  • Because of its fragrant it is considered to be of premium quality.


Service 3

Popularly consumed in South India Popularly consumed in South India.(Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Kerala,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh).

This is medium grain rice, a thin and popular rice variety of South India.

The rice when cooked is soft and separate and swells /expands only lengthwise resulting in long, thin grains..

  • The rice has highest fiber content
  • Easily digestible food
  • Ponni Rice has high carbohydrates content

    Service 3

    This is a similar variety of Raw rice; a medium grain rice variety when cooked is soft and separate and swallows / expands length-wise.

    It has a sweet nature, highly preferred in vegetarian meals.

    • These are extremely tasty
    • prescribed to Diabetic patients by doctors.
    • hulls and brans are removed using latest technology.


    Service 3

    This variety, known as Thanjavur Idli Rice is origin of South India. Our Thanjavur Idli Rice is highly suitable for making idly and dosa, the delicious South Indian main food item.

    • Idli rice is short, bold kernel with a white belly in kernel.
    • These are mainly used for preparing tasty, soft and fluffy idli
    • This Idli Rice is extensively demanded by renowned food chains.

    Rajabogam Delux Rice

    Service 3

    These are premium quality rice and are equally nutritious and tasty.

  • Rajabogam Rices are grown with the help of a specific method
  • highest quality of fragrance and taste
  • highly demanded in market due to their high nutritional value.