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white egg

Eggs are one of nature's most perfectly balanced foods, containing all the protein, vitamins (except vitamin C) and minerals essential for good health.Eggs have a high nutrient density because they provide significant amounts of vitamins and minerals yet contain only 71 calories. They are an excellent source of high quality protein (i.e. they contain all the essential amino acids) as well as many B vitamins. The nutritional value of an egg is divided between the egg white and the egg yolk. .

Country Chicken Egg

country chicken egg

Country Chicken Egg that are widely recommended by doctors for providing the excellent stamina and internal power to the patients. The eggs offered by us are hygienically processed and safely packed so as to keep them free from contaminations and impurities. Before the final delivery, our expert quality controllers test the offered eggs on varied parameters to ensure that these are in compliance with international food standards.

Brown Egg


Brown Egg is Nature's most perfect package of Nutrition.It is naturally sealed, Absolutely Unadulterable. Eggs protein is of the highest quality. Eggs biological value (96) is the highest compared to any other food. Eggs contains Vitamin 'A' and carotenoids - good for eye sight; Vitamin 'D' and Calcium - good for strong teeth and bones : Vitamin 'E' - good for glowing skin: and a wide range of Vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. Carotenoid pigments present in Egg yolk and natural antioxidants which reduce the risk of Cardio Vascular diseases.

Broiler Hatching Eggs


We are engaged in providing our clients superior quality Broiler Hatching Eggs. These are obtained from the world’s most efficient broilers, widely known for their lowest feed conversion and high growth rate. Their ability to thrive on low density and low cost nutrition makes them a high value proposition.